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Windows service is used for back end processing like printing,creating setup of CD.it is not used for Gui application.
Usually C:\winnt\assembly OR C:\windows\assembly.
Yes, remember that GAC is a very special folder, and while normally you would not be able to place two files with the same name into a Windows folder, GAC differentiates by version number as well, so it is possible for MyApp.dll and MyApp.dll to co-exist in GAC if the first one is version and the second one is
Some of the languages that are supported by ASP.Net:
1. Visual Basic.Net
2. Visual C#
3. Visual C++
Response.Output.Write() allows you to write formatted output.
The ErrorProvider control is used to indicate invalid data on a data entry form. Using this control, you can attach error messages that display next to the control when the data is invalid, as seen in the following image. A red circle with an exclamation point blinks, and when the user mouses over the icon, the error message is displayed as a tooltip.
A DLL (Dynamic Link Library) is a file that can be loaded and executed by programs dynamically. Basically it is an external code repository for programs. Since usually several different programs reuse the same DLL instead of having that code in their own file, this dramatically reduces required storage space. A synonym for a DLL would be library.
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