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Binary over TCP is the most effiecient, SOAP over HTTP is the most interoperable.
If the server object is instantiated for responding to just one single request, the request should be made in SingleCall mode.
A single object is instantiated regardless of the number of clients accessing it. Lifetime of this object is determined by lifetime lease.
By implementing ILease interface when writing the class code.
Yes, via machine.config and application level .config file (or web.config in ASP.NET). Application-level XML settings take precedence over machine.config.
None. Security should be taken care of at the application level. Cryptography and other security techniques can be applied at application or server level.
You can get this Exception, when the following preconditions are true:

1. You are not using a web farm.
2. It appears when using built-in databound controls such as GridView, DetailsView or FormView which utilize “DataKeyNames”.
3. It appears if you have a large page which loads slowly for any reason.

If following preconditions are true and you click a postbacking control/link and the page has not loaded completely in client browser, you might get the "Validation of ViewState MAC failed" exception.

When this happens, if you just try setting the page property "EnableViewStateMac" to false, it does not solve the problem, it just changes the error message in same navigation behavior.

When we execute any database command. Thread that executing the command waits the command get fully executing before executing any additional code and thread is blocked for another process. But Asynchronous Database Commands solve this problem, when database command is executing the current thread can continue on other process. Thread can execute a no. of database commands. There are two benefits of using Asynchronous Database Commands:

1. Executing Multiple Databse Commands simultaneously improve performance.
2. Because ASP.Net framework uses a limited pool service for request.

When any request for a page is comes it assign a thread to handle the request. If framework is out of thread then job is in gueses we get error 503. But if we are using asynchronous database command then current thread is release back to current thread pool.

Connection pooling increases the performance of Web applications by reusing active database connections instead of creating a new connection with every request. Connection pool manager maintains a pool of open database connections. When a new connection requests come in, the pool manager checks if the pool contains any unused connections and returns one if available. If all connections currently in the pool are busy and the maximum pool size has not been reached, the new connection is created and added to the pool. When the pool reaches its maximum size all new connection requests are being queued up until a connection in the pool becomes available or the connection attempt times out.
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