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By using System.Diagnostics.Process class, we can provide access to the files which are presented in the local and remote system.

Example: System.Diagnostics.Process(”c:\mlaks\example.txt”) — local file
               System.Diagnostics.Process(”http://www.mlaks.com\example.txt”) — remote file

Call the static method FromArgb() of this class and pass it the RGB values.
ASP.Net Remoting and ASP.Net Web Services. If we talk about the Framework Class Library, noteworthy classes are in System.Runtime.Remoting and System.Web.Services.
It is a fake copy of the server object that resides on the client side and behaves as if it was the server. It handles the communication between real server object and the client object. This process is also known as marshaling.
Remotable objects are the objects that can be marshaled across the application domains. You can marshal by value, where a deep copy of the object is created and then passed to the receiver. You can also marshal by reference, where just a reference to an existing object is passed.
Channels represent the objects that transfer the other serialized objects from one application domain to another and from one computer to another, as well as one process to another on the same box. A channel must exist before an object can be transferred.
None. Security should be taken care of at the application level. Cryptography and other security techniques can be applied at application or server level.
A formatter is an object that is responsible for encoding and serializing data into messages on one end, and deserializing and decoding messages into data on the other end.
Binary over TCP is the most effiecient, SOAP over HTTP is the most interoperable.
If the server object is instantiated for responding to just one single request, the request should be made in SingleCall mode.
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