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Documentation looks the same. Use Debug class for debug builds, use Trace class for both debug and release builds.
In debug compilation, assert takes in a Boolean condition as a parameter, and shows the error dialog if the condition is false.  The program proceeds without any interruption if the condition is true.
1. CorDBG – command-line debugger. To use CorDbg, you must compile the original C# file using the /debug switch.
2. DbgCLR – graphic debugger. Visual Studio .Net uses the DbgCLR.
ExecuteQuery : Executes SQL queries directly on the database. It has two overlaoded method:

1. DataContext.ExecuteQuery(TResult)(String, Object[]) - Executes SQL queries directly on the database and returns objects.
2. ExecuteQuery(Type, String, object[]) - Executes SQL queries directly on the database.

ExecuteNonQuery : Use for data manipulation, such as Insert, Update, Delete.

For more details visit : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.data.linq.datacontext.executequery.aspx
Just add runat="server" to the table control and assign an id to cell like - id="cell2"

in code behind add a line of code like this
cell2.Attributes["bgcolor"] = "#000000"; or
cell2.Attributes["bgcolor"] = "black";

Presentation (UI), Business (logic and underlying code) and Data (from storage or other sources).
Syntax Errors: These include misspelled or missing keywords, or other mistakes relating to the syntax of the language.

Runtime Errors: These errors are caused by the code that appears correct to the compiler, but that cannot run with certain values

Logic Errors: These are errors in which a program that works correctly under some circumstances give unexpected or unwanted results based on certain input.

User Controls are created by the developer to allow the reuse of controls that need specific functionality, while the Server controls are built-In
By default all pages in .NET post back themselves. The view state keeps the user input updated on the page.
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