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There are six type of Validation Controls available in Asp.Net. These are :
1. RequiredFieldValidator
2. CompareValidator
3. RangeValidator
4. RegularExpressionValidator
5. CustomValidator
6. ValidationSummary
State management is nothing but maintaining the user information on client side or sever side. There are two types of state management -

1. Server side state management - Session, Application, Caching, Profiles.
2. Client side state management - Query string, Hidden field, Cookies, Viewstates.

1. Class Loader.
2. MSIL to native Compiler.
3. Code Manager.
4. Garbage Collector.
5. Security Engine.
6. Type Checker.
7. Thread Support.
8. Exception Manager.
9. Debug Engine.
10. Com Marshaler.
GC is the process whereby the Common Language Runtime (CLR) reclaims memory that is no longer in use—i.e., no longer referenced by an active object. Objects on the heap are garbage collected after the final reference to them is destroyed. The exact moment of collection is determined by the CLR. Memory for stack values is freed up immediately when the stack frame in which they are declared ends—e.g., when a method returns.
Collection of rules and data specific to a geographic area and-or language. Locale information includes character classification, cultural and regional contexts, datetime formats, language, monetary and numerical conventions, and sorting rules.
Process of developing software that can be localized easily to run in multiple locales.
Process of developing software that can be localized easily to run in multiple locales. Globalized software minimizes assumptions made about cultural, linguistic, and national information. The software is capable of changing locale-specific information to a configured locale reflecting the locale or preference of the user.
Internationalisation is the process of developing software products of which core design allows them to be deployed in various locales. Internationalization provides for the cultural and linguistic variations of the targeted locale. Locales may vary in currency; accents, character byte format, character sets, punctuation, and spelling; datetime format; sorting order; textural orientation; etc.
Assembly containing no executable code — only resources. Typically, satellite assemblies are used for storing localized data. Satellite assembles can be added, modified, and loaded into a .Net application at runtime without recompiling. Use the Assembly Linking Utility to create satellite assemblies by compiling .resource files.
The session Timeout is a sliding expiration time, meaning whever your page access session state, the expiration time will be moved forward. Please note that as long as a page has NOT disabled session state, it will access the session automatically when requested.
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