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It closes the connection automatically when the DataReader is closed.
HttpCookie myCookie = new HttpCookie("myWebSiteName");
myCookie.Value = "http://www.faqpanel.com/";
myCookie.Expires = DateTime.Now.AddMonths(6);
if (Request.Cookies["myWebSiteName"] != null)
string myWebSiteUrl = Request.Cookies["myWebSiteName"].Value;
CIL - Common Intermediate Language
The language all .NET languages compile to. Equivalent to Java bytecode.

CLI - Common Language Infrastructure
The combination of the CLR, CLS, CTS and CIL

CLR - Common Language Runtime
The runtime environment itself, including garbage collection, threading etc.

CLS - Common Language Specification
A set of conventions intended to promote language interoperability.

CTS - Common Type System
The language-neutral type system used in the CLI.

IL - Intermediate Language
More commonly used abbreviation for CIL.

VES - Virtual Execution System
Another name for the CLR as far as I can tell.

It consist of thousands of Pre-developed classes that can be used to build robust .Net applications.
Garbage collection is a mechanism that allows the computer to detect when an object can no longer be accessed. It then automatically releases the memory used by that object (as well as calling a clean-up routine, called a "finalizer", which is written by the user). Some garbage collectors, like the one used by .Net, compacts memory and therefore decrease your programs working set.
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