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Code contracts help you to express the code assumptions and statements stating the behavior of your code in a language-neutral way. The contracts are included in the form of pre-conditions, post-conditions and objectinvariants.
The contracts help you to improve-testing by enabling run-time checking, static contract verification, and documentation generation. The System.Diagnostics.Contracts namespace contains static classes that are used to express contracts in your code.

A flat file is the name given to text, which can be read or written only sequentially.

MIME is a standard that can be used to include content of various types in a single message. MIME extends the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) format of mail messages to include multiple content, both textual and non-textual. Parts of the message may be images, audio, or text in different character sets. The MIME standard derives from RFCs such as 2821 and 2822”

If the server object is instantiated for responding to just one single request, the request should be made in SingleCall mode in .NET
WebUIValidation.js JavaScript file installed at “aspnet_client” root IIS directory is used to validate the validation controls at the client side.
An assembly can be referenced by using the gacutil.exe utility with the /r option. The /r option requires a reference type, a reference ID, and a description.
No, the .NET runtime platform has to be on any machine that will run your Windows Forms application. Microsoft has made the .NET runtime platform installation (dotnetredist.exe) available as a free download from Microsoft .NET Framework Redistributable .

Make sure to follow proper naming conventions for the policy dll. For example, if the original assembly name is TestAssembly.dll then the corresponding policy assembly should be called "policy.1.0.TestAssembly.dll" to make this redirection work for all "1.0.*" version bindings of the original assembly.
While specifying the name for the assembly in the policy file, do not include the ".dll" extension.

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