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A serviced component is a class that is inside all the CLS-complaint languages. It derives directly or indirectly from the System.EnterpriseServices.ServicedComponent class. This way of configuring the classes allows to be hosted in a COM+ application and is able to use COM+ services.

Merge Module projects enable creation and deployment of code that can be shared by multiple applications. This may include Dll?s, resource files, registry based entries etc. The Windows database also keeps track of a reference count for those projects.

With .NET Framework 4.5 background garbage collection is automatically enabled for servers for performance improvement.

To define arrays larger than 2GB on 64-bit OS we can use gcAllowVeryLargeObjects element and set it’s enabled attribute to true.
<gcAllowVeryLargeObjects enabled="true" />

The .NET Framework 4.5 uses the Restart Manager to avoid system restarts whenever possible during installation. The .NET Framework 4.5 requires system restart if any .NET Framework 4 application is in use during installation because .NET Framework 4.5 replaces .NET Framework 4 files which requires those files to be available during installation. Restart Manager prevents restart by detecting and closing .NET Framework 4 applications that are in use. During installation it will prompt you list of .NET Framework 4 applications in use and give option to close these application before proceeding with installation. If confirms by user, these applications are shut down by the installer and system restarts avoided. If user does responds in certain amount of time, installer continues without closing any applications. In extreme cases system restarts is required even if running
applications are closed.

Yes, there is subset of managed types available with .NET Framework 4.5 to develop Windows Store Apps. Using these managed types we can develop Windows Store Apps with our favorite language C# or Visual Basic. These managed types resides in namespaces starts with System and the Windows Runtime types reside in namespaces that starts with Windows together make framework for  development of Windows Store Apps.

Yes, with .NET Framework 4.5 it is possible to do cross-platform development. Previously we need to rewrite required classes for multiple framework, but now in .NET Framework 4.5 support Portal Class Library. Using portable class library you can develop your business logic classes and use them across multiple platforms without need to do any kind of changes.

Mock-ups are a set of designs in the form of screens, diagrams, snapshots etc., that helps verify the design and acquire feedback about the applications requirements and use cases, at an early stage of the design process.

A break point is the line of code at which you want your program to be paused (when running in debugger mode) and see the runtime values of different variables in the program. If the program control ever reaches this line during the execution of the program, it pause the execution and allows you to see and edit the values of the variables of your program. 

To run the application with debugger, select Debug > Run or press F5. To run the application without debugger, select Debug > Run without debugger or press Ctrl+F5 

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