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Like Image control, but aloows you to specify specific action to trigger if user click one or more hot spots in the image. The action to take can either be a postback or a redirection to another URL. Hot spots are supplied by embedded controls that derive from HotSpot, such as RectangleHotSpot and CircleHotSpot.
Displays the single data item in tabular form, with each row of the table relating to a data field. This control enables you to add, edit and delete data items.
Displays the single data item using a template. As with DetailsView, this control enable you to add, edit and delete data items.
An advanced control for displaying reporting services data.
Attach the aspnet_wp.exe process to the DbgClr debugger.
ASP.Net provides infrastructure for authentication and authorization that will meet most of your needs for securing an .Net application. Four schemes are available in ASP.Net:

1. Forms-based authentication
2. Windows-based authentication
3. Microsoft Passport authentication
4. None - authentication disabled

Forms authentication generally refers to a system in which unauthenticated requests are redirected to an HTML form, using HTTP client-side redirection. Forms authentication is a good choice if your application needs to collect its own user credentials at logon time through HTML forms. The user provides credentials and submits the form. If the application authenticates the request, the system issues a form that contains the credentials or a key for reacquiring the identity. Subsequent requests are issued with the form in the request headers. They are authenticated and authorized by an ASP.NET handler using whatever validation method the application specifies.

Note that forms authentication is often used for personalization, where content is customized for a known user. In some of these cases, identification is the issue rather than authentication, so it is enough to merely store the user name in a durable form and use that form to access the users personalization information.

The WindowsAuthenticationModule provider relies on IIS to provide authenticated users, using any of the mechanisms IIS supports. The provider module constructs a WindowsIdentity object. The default implementation constructs a WindowsPrincipal object and attaches it to the application context. The WindowsPrincipal object maps identities to Windows groups.

An important reason to use the Windows Authentication provider is to implement an impersonation scheme that can use any of the authentication methods that might have already been performed by IIS before passing the request to the ASP.NET application. To do this, set the authentication mode to Windows, and confirm that the impersonate element is set to true.

  • ExecuteReader : Use for accessing data. It provides a forward-only, read-only, connected recordset.
  • ExecuteNonQuery : Use for data manipulation, such as Insert, Update, Delete.
  • ExecuteScalar : Use for retriving 1 row 1 col. value., i.e. Single value. eg: for retriving aggregate function. It is faster than other ways of retriving a single value from DB.

Strongly typed Dataset object allows you to create early-bound data retrieval expression.

Advantage of Strongly Typed dataset

  • It is faster than late-bound data retrieval expression.
  • Its column name is shown in intellisense as you type code.
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