In this article, I would like to show how to create a SQL Server Database Backup file programmatically in C#.Net. Using this code you can make database backup utility in your programs/apps.

ASP.NET Page life cycle having different events, which are having a sequence of flow i.e. each event will fire one after one in an ordered manor. These events would be coded. The following are the various events of ASP.Net page life cycle-

  • PreInit 
  • Init 
  • Init Complete
  • PreLoad 
  • Load
  • Control Event (PostBack Event )
  • Load Complete
  • PreRender 
  • Save State Complete
  • Render 
  • Unload

ASP.Net webpage execution will perform several steps for processing page; this is called page life cycle. The steps are

  • Page Request
  • Start
  • Page initialization
  • Page Load
  • Post Back events handling
  • Rendering
  • Unload

There are two types of session events available in

  • Session_Start
  • Session_End

You can auto generate number with character by this code-

Upto .NET Framework 4.5 we cannot create .zip files. In .NET Framework 4.5
it is now possible. Following is example for creating zip file and extracting zip file
from and to folder.

Async and Await keywords used for asynchronous programming in C#.

On multi-core processors to improve application performance background just-in-time compilation is available to be utilized optionally. We can achieve this using ProfileOptimization class. ProfileOptimization class improves the startup performance of application domains in applications that require the just-in-time (JIT) compiler by performing background compilation of methods that are likely to be executed, based on profiles created during previous compilations.

There are times when being able to limit the pattern matching duration of Regex operations could be useful, especially when working with user supplied patterns to match data.
The MatchTimeout property defines the approximate maximum time interval for a Regex instance to execute a single matching operation before the operation times out. The regular expression engine throws a RegexMatchTimeoutException exception during its next timing check after the time-out interval has elapsed. This prevents the regular expression engine from processing input strings that require excessive backtracking. 
This property is read-only. You can set its value explicitly for an individual Regex object by calling the Regex.Regex(String, RegexOptions, TimeSpan) constructor; and you can set its value for all Regex matching operations in an application domain by calling the AppDomain.SetData method and providing a value for the 
“REGEX_DEFAULT_MATCH_TIMEOUT” property. If you do not explicitly set a timeout interval, the default value Regex.InfiniteMatchTimeout is used, and matching operations do not time out.

We can achieve this using CustomReflectionContext class. provides a way for you to add or remove custom attributes from reflection objects, or add dummy properties to those objects, without re-implementing the complete reflection model. The default CustomReflectionContext simply wraps reflection objects without making any changes, but by subclassing and overriding the relevant methods, you can add, remove, or change the attributes that apply to any reflected parameter or member, or add new properties to a eflected type.

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