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You put an @ sign in front of the double-quoted string.

String ex = @"This has a carriage return "

Structs cannot be inherited. Structs are passed by value and not by reference. Structs are stored on the stack not the heap. The result is better performance with Structs.

The sealed keyword prohibits a class from being inherited.

DLL Hell describes the difficulty in managing DLLs on a system; this includes multiple copies of a DLL, different versions, and so forth. When a DLL (or assembly) is loaded in .NET, it is loaded by name, version, and certificate. The assembly contains all of this information via its metadata. The GAC provides the solution, as you can have multiple versions of a DLL side-by-side.

Use the CharacterCasing property of the 
TextBox.textBox1.CharacterCasing = CharacterCasing.Upper;
textBox2.CharacterCasing = CharacterCasing.Lower;

A file is an ordered collection of the bytes of data with proper name and physical existence.A file is stored on the disk in a directory having specific path.
The file can also be stored in other storage media such as tapes, cd, dvd, usb drive etc.
Stream is the the way to read and write bytes of the data from different storage mediums.

The namespace System.IO contains several objects which perform reading and writing operations on streams and files.

A synchronous operation prevents us from doing any other thing when till the current operation(s) is performing its task.

An asynchronous operation perform some other functions if the current operation is taking time.

The using keyword is used to define block of code with the guarantee that anything present within the body of using will be dispose off (even if the exception has been thrown).The use of this keyword is excellent as it cleans the garbage in the memory automatically by disposing which implements IDisposable interface.

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