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Use the Label Control with the BorderStyle set to Fixed3D and height set to 2.
Use System.Reflection. Assembly to dynamically load a control. If the DLL is named "DLLControls.DLL" and the class you want is "DLLControls.ColorControl", then use the code like -

// load the assembly
System.Reflection.Assembly assembly = Assembly.LoadFrom("DLLControls.DLL");

// get the type
Type t = assembly.GetType("MyControls.MyControl");

// create an instance and add it.
Control c = (Control)Activator.CreateInstance(t);

GAC is an area of memory reserved for storing the assemblies of all .Net applications running on a given computer. The GAC is required by side-by-side execution as well as for sharing assemblies among multiple .Net applications. An assembly must have a strong name and be public—shared assembly—to be installed in the GAC. The Global Assembly Cache Tool adds and removes assemblies from the GAC.
.Net programming tool (GACUtil.exe) for installing, list the contents, and uninstalling to the Global Assembly Cache. It can be called from batch files and scripts.
Assembly cache that stores compiled classes and methods specific to an application. Each application directory contains a \bin subdirectory containing local assembly cache files. Also known as the application assembly cache.
Reserved memory area for storing the .Net assemblies on a specific machine.
We can hide our form or any other control by setting its Visible property to False. Like:
myForm.Visible = False;
Use the Process class found in the System.Diagnostics namespace.

Process proc = new Process();
proc.StartInfo.FileName = @"Notepad.exe";
proc.StartInfo.Arguments = "";

Use the static Process.GetProcesses() found in the System.Diagnostics namespace.

Using System.Diagnostics;
foreach ( Process p in Process.GetProcesses() )
Console.WriteLine( p ); // string s = p.ToString();

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