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A pixel is the lowest-resolution dot the computer monitor supports. Its size depends on users settings and monitor size. 

A point is always 1/72 of an inch.

An em is the number of pixels that it takes to display the letter M.

Override the OnPaint. Here is some code for a derived Button.

Providing a border in the non-client region of your control rather than in the ClientRectangle has very many advantages: 

  • When you include a scrollbar in your control, the scrollbar will appear inside the border, rather than to the outside if you drew the border in the client area. 
  • When you allow custom painting of the control, your user will not draw over the NC border. 
  • Your own client painting code will be simplified in that you will not have to bother about taking the border into account while painting the client area.

Docking refers to attaching a control to either an edge (top, right, bottom, or left) or the client area of the parent control. On the other hand, anchoring is a process in which you need to specify the distance that each edge of your control maintains from the edges of the parent control.

The ImageList control is a component; therefore, it appears in the component tray at the design time.

The user always downloads the latest version of the code, the program runs within security sandbox, properly written app will not require additional security privileges.

.config files in .NET are supported through the API to allow storing and retrieving information. They are nothing more than simple XML files, sort of like what .ini files were before for Win32 apps.

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