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CDATA is only for text containing markup-like characters. 

The Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) uses XML to define a protocol for the exchange of information in distributed computing environments. SOAP consists of three components:

  • an envelope
  • a set of encoding rules, and
  • a convention for representing remote procedure calls.
Unless experience with SOAP is a direct requirement for the open position, knowing the specifics of the protocol, or how it can be used in conjunction with HTTP, is not as important as identifying it as a natural application of XML.

We can validate the XML document against a given schema using the .Net class under the package System.Xml.Schema; like using XMLSchemaValidator and Xml Schema. 

<c> is used for single line code example and <code> is used for multiple-line code example.
No, a root element type can not be explicitly declared in the DTD. We use the Document Type Declaration for this type of root element declaration. 

The Document Object Model (DOM) is an interface specification maintained by the W3C DOM Workgroup that defines an application independent mechanism to access, parse, or update XML data. In simple terms it is a hierarchical model that allows developers to manipulate XML documents easily any developer that has worked extensively with XML should be able to discuss the concept and use of DOM objects freely.

There are only five special characters in XML-

  1. &lt;           <
  2. &amp;      & 
  3. &gt;          >
  4. &quot;      " 
  5. &apos;      

An XML parser is the piece of software that reads XML files and makes the information from those files available to applications and programming languages, usually through a known interface like the DOM.
Provide for it in the output, use a deep copy, or try disable-output-escaping. 
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